Two Sigma Challenge

Dive into the future of higher education with SMARTA (Student Motivation and Reflective Training AI-Assistants). This project introduces AI chatbots as personal study coaches, aiming to bridge the educational gap known as the Two Sigma Problem. With the power of AI, SMARTA offers a trio of specialized chatbots designed to enhance student motivation, deepen engagement, and personalize the learning journey for over 5000 students at a German university. From fostering empathetic support to encouraging self-directed learning and interactive dialogues, these chatbots mark a significant leap towards mimicking the personalized touch of one-on-one tutoring. Discover how SMARTA leverages AI to turn the Two Sigma challenge into an unparalleled opportunity for students alike. Get ready to explore the cutting-edge intersection of technology and education, where personalization meets excellence. Join us on this enlightening journey to redefine the landscape of higher education through the lens of AI.

GMW conference: Together with Man and Machine in Research and Education.

The upcoming annual conference of the Society for Media in Science will feature our SMARTA, the”Student Motivation and Reflective Training AI-Assistants.” SMARTA seems perfectly aligned with this year’s theme of the GMW conference: “Together with Man and Machine in Research and Education.”

Heres a german video adressing students to join the event:

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An interview with Ada Lovelace

October 9th is Ada Lovelace Day. Why is this important to us?

In collaboration with universities from Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, and North Macedonia, we participate in the project “ADA”. ADA aims to support female entrepreneurs. As part of this effort, we developed a chatbot named SOFIA. Additionally, the interview below is a small project that was used for social media purposes.