ALIX (Affirmative Life Impact eXpert) actively engages students to motivate them through personalized interactions, aiming to enhance wellbeing and mental health. The chatbot Alix is part of SMARTA. Alix is fully integrated into the Campus Management System through the GPT-API. Alix is a well-prepared chatbot and, at the beginning of the dialogue, already possesses information about the topic, the course, the university, the gender and the age of the dialogue partner, and other essential aspects for a successful conversation. Alix uses a complex and dynamically generated dialogue design where input and output are controlled and strives to follow legal compliance rules. Alix can provide general motivation or topic specific motivation. Alix tries to detect procrastination or bullying and is trained to raise mental health. Students can reach out to Alix anytime to get advice and ideas that can help them succeed and achieve their academic goals. With its friendly and helpful nature, Alix tries to be a valuable companion for students on their educational journey. Alix actively engages with the students and typically initiates conversations by asking about their satisfaction with a specific subject. Alix adapts its tone to match the student’s. Depending on the sentiment of the dialogue, he inquires about the content of their studies and shows interest in their daily study routine. Depending on the course of the conversation, he provides tips on time management or, if necessary, changes his role to become an empathetic listener who tries to provide psychological support to the students.

For university students, motivation is of paramount importance. It is the driving force that propels them to successfully complete their studies. Intrinsic motivation, stemming from an inner interest in the course materials, can lead students to actively and enthusiastically participate in their classes. At the same time, external factors like extrinsic motivation in the form of grades, recognition, or career prospects can play a role in motivating students to give their best and achieve their academic goals.

Procrastination, the act of delaying tasks and assignments, is a common issue among college students. This behavior can lead to stress and compromise the quality of work as important tasks are postponed. Overcoming procrastination is crucial to successfully navigate through college and complete assignments on time.

Bullying, whether in the form of social exclusion, verbal harassment, or other harmful behaviors, can significantly impact the college experience for affected students. It can lead to emotional distress and hinder the ability to focus on learning. Promoting a respectful and supportive college environment is essential to prevent bullying and ensure the well-being of students.

The sentiment and involvment with Alix are measured, stored, and analyzed with MUSE.