Dr. Melly

Dr. Melly (Mentored Education with Logical Learning Yield) focuses on enhancing logical and critical thinking, and offers learning content based on officially provided university study materials in an interactive way.

Dr. Melly stands out for its ability to conduct dynamic teaching conversations based on module manuals, or, in the advanced version planned for the near future, on specially prepared teaching materials. During a teaching conversation, Dr. Melly focuses on a specifically selected topic.

After an introductory motivation, a student is given different tasks: a simple task for an introduction to the topic, a more challenging task for deeper understanding, a multiple-choice question to check comprehension, followed by a case study that puts the learned material into practical context. The session ends with a final motivation to maintain interest and enthusiasm for the topic.

A unique feature of Dr. Melly is its ability to store and track students’ progress. This ensures that teaching conversations are thematically progressive and varied in content by considering areas that have already been covered.

Dr Melly is part of SMARTA and fully integrated into the Campus Management System through the GPT-API. Dr Melly is a well-prepared chatbot and, at the beginning of the dialogue, already possesses information about the topic, the course, the gender, the age of the dialogue partner, and other essential aspects for a successful conversation. Dr Melly uses a complex and dynamically generated dialogue design where input and output are controlled and strives to follow legal compliance rules. Even university-specific buzzwords can be detected in the dialogue and trigger a warning like, ‘Answers about exams are non-binding.’ In addition, Dr Melly tries to detect mental health problems and, if needed, gives advice to talk to Alix or Robyn.